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Yasuo Ishikawa is available for gigs and recording sessions throughout Colorado and the Four Corners region.


Sophisticated Jazz

by Yasuo "Yaz" Ishikawa

Alto Saxophonist Yasuo "Yaz" Ishikawa is dedicated to delivering the best straight-ahead jazz performances for studio recordings and live events.

Having studied jazz saxophone and theory under Denver jazz legend George Keith for more than 10 years, Yaz began performing in the Denver area in 2004. Conducted by jazz pianist extraordinaire Justin Adams at the Broadway School of Music in Denver, Yaz performed with a few different ensembles around the Denver area.

He recorded his first CD, The G.K. Story, featuring original tunes by himself and George Keith and a performance by The SoBo Four jazz quartet in June 2013. His second CD of his and Keith's originals, Resurrection, was also recorded with The SoBo Four and released in October 2015.

Now based in Ridgway, Colorado, he performs in Ridgway, Ouray, Montrose and Telluride. Yaz is available for solo performances with electronic accompaniment, studio recordings, and as a stand-in musician with ensembles.

Yaz also became a founding member of Little Giant, an 8-member world music band In 2018. Their 2019 performances filled dance floors around the San Juan Mountains. Due to the departure of a couple band members, the group is reorganizing and hopes to be performing again in summer 2020.

Summer 2024
Music Performed
by Yasuo Ishikawa

(preview song)

Wedding (private event), Ouray

JUNE 1, SAT 5-9 pm
Jazz by Yaz at Million Roadhouse, Ridgway

JUNE 14, FRI 5-7 pm
Jazz by Kenny & Yaz at Sunset Plaza, Mountain Village

JUNE 23, SUN 1-4 pm
Jazz by Yaz at Great White Buffalo Bar, Chipeta Lodge, Ridgway

JUNE 29, SAT 5-9 pm
Jazz by Yaz at Million Roadhouse, Ridgway


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